Money Mindset Course (EN)

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Money Mindset Course (EN)

Anne Neijnens

The best thing about the course were the videos in which Jeanet explained every detail about the money archetypes. In this way I not only learned more about myself, but also learned how to recognize the money archetype from my potential clients. This helped me a lot with getting to know the objections and desires of my potential client, communicate on a deeper level and making my offer more appealing.

Ellen Stokman

You should really do this course. It is well structured, easy to follow and to complete and finish, has lots of value and is very practical. It gives good insights in your mindset patterns regarding money, how to work with them and how to use them in your sales. It contains a very clear step-to-step explanation of the structure of a sales call (Jeanet takes you by the hand and does not allow you getting lost or overwhelmed). after finishing it will be crystal clear to you what you have to change to improve your sales process and more off you cannot wait to implement it and waiting for the results!